Our Professional Team

Zuzana Cifrova – Teachers Trainer

Your Choice is Tower Academy

We cooperate with more than 50 teachers for 7 foreign languages. We provide language courses for both B2B and B2C segment. Therefore we are able to offer you nice amount of lessons, in-company trainings and beautiful working environment in our brand new school next to Polus Shopping Centre.


Our Teachers

We value our teachers as they are key to our success. Therefore we take care of you and do our best to support you. However we expect our teachers to be highly proffesional, dynamic and reliable. It must be win-win.

Why is TOWER ACADEMY the best choice?

Tower Academy is a place which expects its teachers to do a reasonably good job, helps them do that, and then pays them on time. They have very nice new classrooms, friendly and supportive bosses, and a steady flow of work. The main drawback is that supplies of black tea (and milk) in the school are intermittent. A good place to work, but as with any language school, bring your own teabags.


One of the things that makes good working relationships possible is the ability to rely on each other, to communicate well and to feel that you really matter. I must say that Simon and Susanne do fulfill all of those 100%. They are highly professional, to my amazement able to keep track of all the little things that we constantly need, offer excellent service including teacher materials and support, and most of all, they are understanding to the occasional human flaws. To work with you guys for the last three years has been a real pleasure! Thanks!


I appreciate couple of things here: freedom in my lessons. Smooth and friendly cooperation between the teachers and employers. Pleasant work environment due to lovely staff and comfortable premises. Flexibility in working hours. I also like access to teaching materials and other supplies. Tower Academy is the language school to work for!