Slovak for foreigners | Individual course

Slovak for foreigners | Individual course

Prečo tento kurz?

Slovak for foreigners.

Do you want to use this time for your improvemet in Slovak language?
Are your colleagues Slovak and you do not understand them?
Are you beginner or intermediate user of Slovak language?

Slovak language is not an easy one 🙂 However we have unique Slovak language ON-LINE courses that satisfy any needs! Whatever your level or goal is, our individual CLASSIC courses are the right solution for you! CLASSIC course guarantees maximum progress in minimum time. You can successfully complete one level in just 2 months or less! We always design the course according to your needs: schedule, intensity and goals are nicely customized!

Our ZOOM ON-LINE LESSONS with HD video and audio and interactive tools together with experienced teachers, interactive study materials, conversational method and individual approach mean your quick progress.

ZOOM application is used by TOP Universities in the world so you will have feel as you were in our Language school.
The best thing is that you do not pay anything for it!

Please, fill in the form bellow and we will contact you shortly.

10 lessons

EUR 28
per 60 minutes

20 lessons

EUR 26
per 60 minutes
  • 10 % discount

30 lessons

EUR 24
per 60 minutes
  • 15 % discount

I really appreciate individual approach to my needs and lots of speaking opportunities during the lessons! I am able to understand the basic after 2 months. And I feel much better now 🙂

Awesome course!

Ďakujem za tento kurz. It was really great! We had lots of fun with my lovely teacher. I learnt Slovak with minimum theory and grammar. Amazing!

Ďakujem 🙂

I am interested:

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      • ON-LINE lessons with HD video and sound.
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      • Conversational method with minimum theory.
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      • Individual approach with quick progress..
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      • Qualified and proffessional teachers with experience.
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      • Customised schedule and intensity.
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      • Introduce yourself.
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      • Describe your job.
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      • At the restaurant.
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      • Travelling.
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      • Telephoning.
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      • Meeting people.
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      • Hobbies.
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      • Socializing.
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      • Shopping.
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      • Sport
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