Náš vstupný test je zostavený tak, aby dokázal čo najpresnejšie určiť tvoju súčasnú úroveň angličtiny. Na základe výsledku ti vieme odporučiť, ktorý typ kurzu bude pre teba najefektívnejší.

V prípade, že zadáš aj svoje telefónne číslo, budeme ťa kontaktovať ihneď po kompletizácii testu a poradíme ti, aké typy kurzov sú pre teba najlepšie. Stačí si už len vybrať ten, ktorý ti najviac vyhovuje.

Test obsahuje 50 otázok: 40 gramatických a 10 otázok zo slovnej zásoby. Gramatické otázky sú zostavené od najľahších po najťažšie. Stačí si iba vybrať jednu zo štyroch možností, o ktorej si myslíš, že je správna. Na konci testu sa dozvieš tvoje skóre, na základe ktorého ti radi odporúčime vhodný kurz.

Veľa štastia! Break the leg!



Názov firmy


Telefónne číslo

Zvoľ 1 správnu odpoveď.

1) I _____________ from Germany.
2) This is my classmate. _____________ name is John.
3) Peter is ______________.
4) My sister is ______________ artist.
5) _______________ 20 chairs in the classroom.
6) Jack ________________ horror films.
7) Sorry, I can’t talk. I _____________ the bill right now.
8) She _________________ at work last week.
9) I _________________ the concert last night.
10) __________________ a piece of chocolate? No, thank you
11) The kitchen is ___________________ than the bedroom.
12) The house is very old. We’re going ____________________ a new house soon.
13) Thomas is a vegetarian. He ____________________ meat.
14) There aren’t ________________ trams late in the evening.
15) The park is _________________ to the restaurant.
16) Lucy ________________ shopping every day.
17) They _________________ in the city center when it started to rain heavily.
18) ________________ seen this movie?
19) We’ve been colleagues ____________________ many years.
20) You _________________ pay for this book. It is for free
21) Julie was ill last week and she _________________ go out.
22) These are the photos ________________ I took in England.
23) We’ll stay at home if it _______________ at the weekend.
24) She doesn’t smoke now, but she __________________ a lot when she was young
25) Luke plays football ___________________ anyone else I know.
26) I promise I __________________ you as soon as I’ve finished my report.
27) This city ___________________ by lots of tourists during the summer.
28) Brad said that his friends ____________ to speak to him after they lost the football match.
29) How about _________________ to the theatre tonight?
30) Excuse me, can you ___________________ me the way to the bus station, please?
31) I wasn’t interested in the presentation very much. ________________.
32) Take a warm jacket, _______________ you might get very cold tonight.
33) __________________ this fantastic book and I can’t wait to see how it ends.
34) What I like more than anything else ___________________ at weekends.
35) He ________________ for his dog for two days when he finally found it in the garage
36) You won’t catch the plane _________________ we leave home now! Please hurry up!
37) If I hadn’t replied to your sms, I___________________ here with you now.
38) Do you think you ___________________ with my cellar phone soon? I need to make a call.
39) I don’t remember mentioning __________________ lunch together.
40) Was it Christopher Columbus ______________ America?

Slovná zásoba:

41) She may not like the cold weather here, but shell have to ________________, I’m afraid.
42) It’s cold so you should __________________ on a warm coat.
43) Jeff will look ______________ our dogs while we’re away.
44) He ___________________ a lot of her free time playing golf.
45) Hello, this is Lidija. Could I ___________________ to Simon, please?
46) They’re coming to our house ___________________ Friday.
47) In my opinion it’s very easy to ___________ debt these days
48) Come on! Hurry up! Let’s get _____________!
49) She phoned him ____________ she heard the news.
50) We feel very ____________. We’re going to go to bed!